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Who We are


A group of native Congolese who resides abroad and who have dedicated their heart, mind and intellect to the advancement of the Congolese nation and its people. CDN is the hinge that connects the Congolese people to the nations hosting the Congolese Diaspora; in particular, the people of the United States of America and the friends of Congo.

Our Vision


  • CDN seeks to promote the culture of democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo; justice, democracy and rule of law are key to a peaceful living between communities and the basic key for individual progress.

  • CDN believes in free-market and in the critical role of a responsible political leadership for social development in the DRC.

  • CDN seeks to work with political leaders, entrepreneurs and civil society actors in the Diaspora’s host countries for the improvement of democracy, and for the enhancement of the standard of living in the DRC and pass it on to the future generations.

Our Actions


Through all our chapters in different regions of North America, we will get together to bring the practice of true democracy and voice. The concern of the Congolese people who want transparent election...

On Behalf of our organization

CDN is the umbrella structure among many Congolese organizations which may exist in different states in the USA or still to be created. It also works in partnership with other Congolese organizations around the world. 

Our offices and chapters in Colorado, DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia), Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas will create and establish close relationship with their state Representatives, congressmen and Senators to bring the Congolese awareness through regular historical and crucial moments (like elections) while they will also be part of their community involvement as we all are striving and believing in the true values of democracy.


Contact Us

240 429 2585

2601 Mission St.
Wahington, DC